I bought a 72” X 60” orthopaedic matress. One side of the mattress has memory foam and other side has high density foam. The memory foam takes the shape of your body’s curves and provides full comfort. It is very beneficial for back pain. It is the perfect mattress in case you sleep on the back as memory foam takes the shape of the surface in contact and provides optimum support. Since memory foam is expensive, the price of these mattresses are higher than normal ones but comparatively low in comparison to memory foam mattress of well known brands.



 I was bit hesitant to buy mattress online. Finally made a decision and booked this mattress.All my hesitation went off when the mattress arrived. Hats off to the packaging specially.The mattress is as described in the picture and offers 2 side comfort. One side is soft and the other side is bit hard (not too hard) . Bought Queen size and the dimensions are precise and exact. In love with the mattres and it feels good to sleep on it.

The seller was caring as well and made sure to contact me until the mattress was delivered.

At this price range, this is a worth buy. Dont think,just buy:)  


Sriram V.

My experience in purchasing this mattress sight unseen has been great!
I was a bit hesitant initially to purchase an item like a mattress without the touch and feel factor that you get in shops.
Decided to take a chance and go for this product after reading the reviews and also understanding similar kind of mattress designs.
Had a great service experience from the beginning. I was contacted by the factory representative the day I placed the order itself. They offered to optimize the size and length of the mattress to best fit my cot which I thought was really nice and customer friendly as most shops only offer standard sizes and don’t go the extra mile of effort to satisfy customers expectations.
The delivery updates was provided to me by the representative till the product reached me though for some reason this information was showing up incorrectly in Amazon tracking.



I was working from home the day the mattress was to arrive…i lied down on it to just to try it out and ended up sleeping for 3 hours !!!

Amazing matteress..just the right amount of softness…but a tad more firm than the matteress in oyos (maybe they are overused..i dunno) and no excessive bumpy jumpy feeling like a bonnel spring mattress….not that sinking stuck feeling like a memory foam mattress can move about and jump all u want without disturbing your partner…it takes your body shape so perfectly that you dont even need a pillow. Unlike bonnel spring…it doesnt form a valley around your body ..The body support is excellent. The outer fabric is ever so smooth that you wake up dreamily petting the soft surface when you wake up. has the right body support for both genders and right bounce and depth for all “romantic” positions…ideal stage for folks looking for some Hollywood like action 🙂


Purvi Desai

Bought two mattresses one and half month back.
We are very happy with the comfort and no back pain, neck pain, sleepless nights after using this Mattress. Will surely recommend to friends and family.


Sushant M.

Fantastic Mattress, Good Quality with Great Comfort..nice material..
The matteress has a sedative like effect..and gives a great night sleep..i am a happy customer..thanks